More Workshops at the NIME 2016 Unconference

The NIME Unconference will be held on the final day, Friday 15 July 2016. This includes workshops, panel sessions and a concert; all held at a Brisbane maker space called The Edge a short walk along the river from the main conference venue.

Here is a summary of the NIME Unconference activities:

  • DIY Retro Music Controller
  • Music Maker: 3D printing and Acoustics Curriculum
  • Paper Turntablism (With guest artist DJ Sniff)
  • Performing with USB Controllers
  • Sharing Innovations in Electronic Musical Instruments (Panel discussion)
  • Local Innovators Panel (Meet Brisbane-based musical interface developers and performers)
  • The Claude Controller
  • Showcase (A performance)

Find more details about, and register for, these activities (mostly free) here.